Year 6 Autumn 2 2020


 If you need to isolate and are well enough to work, complete these lessons: 



The Blitz Survivor Stories: to consider historical context

The Blitz Survivor Stories: retrieval and inference of a recount

The Blitz Survivor Stories: the author's perspective

The Blitz Survivor Stories: the author's use of language

The Blitz Survivor Stories: to consider how reading can provide a way of learning new things

The Dangers Of Blitz Spirit: How Britons Reacted To German WW2 Bombing -  HistoryExtra


Compare and Order Any Numbers - Video/Activity/Answers

Negative Numbers - Video/Activity/Answers

Add and Subtract Integers - Video/Activity/Answers

Multiply Up To a 4-digit Number By a 2-digit Number - Video/Activity/Answers

Short Division - Video/Activity/Answers

Division Using Factors - Video/Activity/Answers

Long Division - Video/Activity/Answers

Common Factors - Video/Activity/Answers

Square and Cube Numbers - Video/Activity/Answers

Order of Operations - Video/Activity/Answers



To explore word class

To develop knowledge of determiners



Metre: the difference between three and four time

Metre: explore changes in metre

Metre: explore compound time

Metre: develop understanding of compound time

Metre: explore irregular metre

Metre: develop understanding of irregular metre 

Come & Sing with Us - Gemini Musical Theatre Company


Year 6 Additional Venture:

Create a fitness circuit in your house or garden. Decide on 6 different stations where exercises need to take place - you could choose star jumps, skipping, burpees, press ups, sit ups etc. Create explanation cards with images for each exercise station. Encourage your family to take part. See how many of each exercise you can do in a minute at each station. See if you can improve on your performance over the week. 

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