Autumn 1 2020 


If you need to isolate and are well enough to work, try out these lessons: 



Goodnight Mister Tom 1: Establish a background knowledge 

Goodnight Mister Tom 2: To make inferences about characters

Goodnight Mister Tom 3: To make comparisons between characters 

Goodnight Mister Tom 4: To make further inferences between characters

Goodnight Mister Tom 5: To consider a character's perspective 

Goodnight Mister Tom (A Puffin Book): Magorian, Michelle:  Books



Spelling strategies and practice

Word Classes



To find a rule -Video/Activity/Answers

To form expressions- Video/Activity/Answers

Substitution- Video/Activity/Answers

To solve simple one-step equations- Video/Activity/Answers

To solve two-step equations- Video/Activity/Answers

To find pairs of values- Video/Activity/Answers

To convert metric measures- Video/Activity/Answers

Miles and Kilometres- Video/Activity/Answers

Area and Perimeter- Video/Activity/Answers

Area of triangles- Video/Activity/Answers





To sing in canon

To explore chords

To explore bass lines

To explore singing in thirds 

Come & Sing with Us - Gemini Musical Theatre Company

Year 6 Additional Venture:

Create a fitness circuit in your house or garden. Decide on 6 different stations where exercises need to take place - you could choose star jumps, skipping, burpees, press ups, sit ups etc. Create explanation cards with images for each exercise station. Encourage your family to take part. See how many of each exercise you can do in a minute at each station. See if you can improve on your performance over the week. 

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