Year 5 Autumn 1 2020 

 If you need to isolate and are well enough to work, try out these lessons: 



The Highwayman 1: Introduction

The Highwayman 2: Investigate the opening 

The Highwayman 3: Plan your opening 

The Highwayman 4: Write your opening 

The Highwayman 5: Write the build up

The Highwayman 6: Analyse the build up


Complements to 1 - Video/Activity/Answers

Adding decimals with a different number of decimal places - Video/Activity/Answers

Multiply 4-digits by 2-digits - Video/Activity/Answers

Equivalent Fractions - Video/Activity/Answers

Subtract Mixed Numbers - Video/Activity/Answers

Fractions of an Amount - Video/Activity/Answers

Decimals as Fractions - Video/Activity/Answers

Percentages as Fractions and Decimals - Video/Activity/Answers

Multiplying Decimals by 10, 100 and 1000 - Video/Activity/Answers

Calculating Angles on a Straight Line - Video/Activity/Answers



Word Classes 

Fronted Adverbials




Why do geographers do fieldwork?

Tools of fieldwork: Maps

Create a sketch map of roads 

Create a field sketch of your community


Year 5 additional venture:

Host a movie night. Create cinema tickets for your family, make some tasty snacks to share and enjoy. Write up a movie review and share your recommendations. 

Now That They've Bought the Ticket | Cinema ticket, Movie tickets, Cinema