Year 3 Autumn 2 2020


 If you need to isolate and are well enough to work, complete these lessons:



Mulan: to engage with a text

Mulan: to answer questions on a text

Mulan: to answer further questions on a text

Mulan: to explore character

Mulan: to explore themes

Mulan by Michaela Morgan




Numbers to 1000 - Video/Activity/Answers

100s, 10s and 1s - Video/Activity/Answers

Number Line to 1000 - Video/Activity/Answers

Find 1/10/100 More or Less - Video/Activity/Answers

Ordering Numbers - Video/Activity/Answers

Counting in 50s - Video/Activity/Answers

Add and Subtract Multiples of 100 - Video/Activity/Answers

Add 3-digit and 1-digit Numbers Crossing 10 - Video/Activity/Answers

Add and Subtract 3-digit and 2-digit Numbers Not Crossing 100 - Video/Activity/Answers

Add and Subtract 100s - Video/Activity/Answers



Simple sentences

Compound sentences

Simple and compound sentences

Complex sentences

Complex sentences part 2



How did the Roman Empire become so powerful?

Who was Julius Caesar?

What was Britain like before the Romans?

How did the Romans change Britain?

Why did the Romans leave Britain?

The Romans in Britain -- Exploring the Roman Empire in Britain


Year 3 Additional Venture:

Write and illustrate your own book! Write your own version of a traditional fairy tale - change the ending or the characters to make it original. Add your own illustrations and create a special front and back cover. Read your book to a family member or a favourite cuddly toy. 

11-year old author to have 2 books published in 2019 | News24