Year 3 Autumn 1

 If you need to isolate and are well enough to work, try out these lessons:



Identifying and understanding instructions 

Writing instructions 

Writing an invitation


Equivalent Fractions - Video/Activity/Answers

Subtract Fractions - Video/Activity/Answers

Add Money - Video/Activity/Answers

Multiply 2-digits by 1-digit - Video/Activity/Answers

Unit and Non-Unit Fractions - Video/Activity/Answers

Fractions of a Set of Objects - Video/Activity/Answers

Order Fractions - Video/Activity/Answers

Telling the Time to 5 Minutes - Video/Activity/Answers

Measure Mass - Video/Activity/Answers

Bar Charts - Video/Activity/Answers



What is an Ecosystem?

How do we classify the diets of animals?

Why are producers important?

How do we construct a food chain?

How do we construct a food web?

What can cause disruptions to food webs?

Food Chain Facts for Kids (All You Need to Know!)

Year 3 Additional Venture:

Write and illustrate your own book! Write your own version of a traditional fairy tale - change the ending or the characters to make it original. Add your own illustrations and create a special front and back cover. Read your book to a family member or a favourite cuddly toy. 

11-year old author to have 2 books published in 2019 | News24