Year 2 Autumn 2 2020


 If you need to isolate and are well enough to work, complete these lessons:



Ganesh gets married: to listen to a story

Ganesh gets married: to tell a story from memory

Ganesh gets married: to explore the main moods in the story

Ganesh gets married: to make inferences

Ganesh gets married: to box up for a purpose

Ganesh gets married: to make our reader feel a certain mood

Mytholgical Story : Ganesh



Count, Read & Write to 100 - Video/Activity/Answers

Represent Numbers to 100 - Video/Activity/Answers

Tens & Ones with a Part-Whole Model - Video/Activity/Answers

Use a Place Value Chart - Video/Activity/Answers

Compare Objects - Video/Activity/Answers

Order Objects & Numbers - Video/Activity/Answers

Count in 3s - Video/Activity/Answers

Check Calculations - Video/Activity/Answers

Bonds to 100 - Video/Activity/Answers

Add & Subtract 1s - Video/Activity/Answers



Why do we celebrate Remembrance Day?

How is Remembrance Day celebrated in the UK?

How do other countries commemorate? 

Poppy flower brooch round Poppy Brooch Pin Badge Remembrance Day Gift: Jewellery





Finding the pulse

Finding the pulse in a song

Exploring the difference between pulse and rhythm

Using symbols to represent sounds

Year 2 additional Venture:

Hold a Living Room Disco! Create a plan for your disco including what you will wear and how you will decorate your Living Room (make sure that you ask your parents' permission regarding decorations). Send invitations to your family. Enjoy your disco! Afterwards, write a playlist of your favourite songs to dance to. 

10 Best Disco Party Ideas & List Of Games For Kids - Silent Cinema Hire  London, UK