Year 2 Autumn 1

 If you need to isolate and are well enough to work, try out these lessons:



Instructions 1: Listening and questioning 

Instructions 2: To tell a set of instructions from memory  

Instructions 3: To use imperative verbs

Instructions 4: To summarise key points 

Instructions 5: To create a plan

Instructions 6: To write a set of instructions 1

Instructions 7: To continue writing a set of instructions

Instructions 8: To complete our instructions 

Red Chilli Peppers (each) | Ginger & chillies | Planet Organic


Measure Length (cm) - Video/Activity/Answers

Four Operations with Lengths - Video/Activity/Answers

Add and Subtract 1s - Video/Activity/Answers

Add and Subtract 10s - Video/Activity/Answers

Multiplication Sentences Using the 'x' Symbol - Video/Activity/Answers

Make Equal Groups - Sharing - Video/Activity/Answers

Unit Fractions - Video/Activity/Answers

Non-Unit Fractions - Video/Activity/Answers

Measure Mass in grams - Video/Activity/Answers

Quarter Past and Quarter To - Video/Activity/Answers



Continents of the world

What is Europe like?

What is Australia like?

What is Africa like?

What is Asia like?

What is North America like?

What is South America like?

What is Antarctica like?

7 Continents of the World - Worldometer


Year 2 additional Venture:

Hold a Living Room Disco! Create a plan for your disco including what you will wear and how you will decorate your Living Room (make sure that you ask your parents' permission regarding decorations). Send invitations to your family. Enjoy your disco! Afterwards, write a playlist of your favourite songs to dance to. 

10 Best Disco Party Ideas & List Of Games For Kids - Silent Cinema Hire  London, UK