Year 1 Autumn 2 2020


 If you need to isolate and are well enough to work, complete these lessons:



Monkeys and hats: to listen to a story

Monkeys and hats: to tell a story from memory

Monkeys and hats: to re-tell the main points of a story

Monkeys and hats: to use capital letters and full stops

Monkeys and hats: to find information in the text

Monkeys and hats: to explore a character's thoughts and feelings

Capseller and the monkey - Katha Kids



Count Objects - Video/Activity/Answers

Count Forwards - Video/Activity/Answers

Count Backwards - Video/Activity/Answers

Introduce <, > and = - Video/Activity/Answers

Compare Numbers - Video/Activity/Answers

Ordinal Numbers - Video/Activity/Answers

The Number Line - Video/Activity/Answers

Part-Whole Model - Video/Activity/Answers

Number Bonds to 10 - Video/Activity/Answers

Compare Number Bonds - Video/Activity/Answers



What is pitch?

High sounds

Low sounds

Following the pitch

Changing the pitch

Creating high and low sounds

Perfect (Or Absolute) Pitch Definition



Year 1 Additional Venture:

Create some 'Natural Art'. Collect fallen leaves, petals and sticks from your garden and create a piece of art. Take a photo of it or draw a picture of it and write down a description of your artwork. 

Natural sculptures by Andy Goldsworthy | USA Art News     A garden alive with art: all-natural insect sculptures – in pictures | Art  and design | The Guardian