Challenge of the Week


Week beginning 06/07 Watch the UK Blessing and reflect.


Week beginning 29/06 Enter the Talent show! 

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Week beginning 22/06 Complete the Scavenger Hunt!

Test your agility with the Virtual Surrey School Games challenge. 

Week beginning 15/06 Barbecue a banana!

What great combinations can you think of? 

Week beginning 08/06 Complete the 'Warrior Fitness Training' Challenge! 

Week beginning 01/06 Make a rock of kindness!

Design and paint a rock, then leave it somewhere on a walk for someone to find. 


Week beginning 18/05 Design your own football shirt! 

Design a shirt for your favourite team or an imaginary one.

Insane "Designer" Football Shirts (Gallery) | FOOTY FAIRPescara football club adopts Italian boy's shirt design - BBC News

Week beginning 11/05 Make a Whirly Bird! 

See if you can fly your whirly bird accurately towards a target

Whirly Bird Helicopter | HowStuffWorksMake a Paper Helicopter – Experiment ExchangeMake a Whirlybird from Paper - Scientific American


Week beginning 04/05 Create a family portrait!  

Use natural materials or what you can scavenge from your craft box/ recycling bin to create a portrait of your family. 

Fabulous Family Portrait | Pop Goes the PageSari Rannanpaa on Twitter: "Family portrait in 3D #ohdear ...


Week beginning 27/04 Complete the animal challenge! 

See how you can improve over the week... 

Week beginning 20/04 Make a lolly stick catapult! 

See how far you can launch a small object...

Popsicle Stick Catapult – Children's Science Center How to Make a Popsicle Stick Catapult – Science Experiments for KidsMaking Lolly Pop Stick Catapults with the Kids | My Baba