St. Stephen's School Parent Reps

The role of your Parent Reps is to help the school in its aim to further develop parent partnership by:

  • keeping the lines of communication flowing between school and home and visa versa
  • supporting fundraising and social events by informing other parents of ways to help or get involved
  • gathering parents' viewpoints and feeding back to staff, such as when reviewing school policies
  • encouraging parental involvement in class activities, for example helping in the classroom or listening to readers
  • encouraging parental attendance at information evenings and workshops
  • encouraging the development of parental relationships, for example through social events, such as a cup of tea or perhaps a meal
  • attending Parents' Forum and sharing information with those unable to attend
  • bringing general parental concerns to the school


Kate Stevens & Jess Harley


Amanda Beech & Rebecca Warburton

Year One

Hannah Willard & Jenny Murray

Year Two

Hannah Finch & Lorraine Cooper-Shackel

Year Three

Sam Britton & Tammy Young

Year Four

Charlotte Appleby & Gemma Hart

Year Five

Laura Shoulders & Cheryl Ward

Year Six

Anita Kearton & Lorraine Cooper-Shackel